David Ashleydale (randomlife) wrote,
David Ashleydale

Ibuprofen is a Miracle Drug

p r e v i o u s | r a n d o m l i f e | n e x t

25 Minute Run

I felt really good before my run, but I decided to try taking an ibuprofen in anticipation of the arthritic feelings from two days ago.

Oh my god!

I felt great! There were no aches at the beginning of the run or anytime during. I was able to run faster and further than I did on Tuesday. However, my pedometer indicated that I had run almost exactly the same distance. I was puzzled by this until I realized that on Tuesday I probably wasn't running at full stride. The pedometer figures distance by counting the number of steps I've taken. So I probably took the same number of steps today, but my stride was longer.

I still have to measure my stride accurately—especially once I start training for mileage rather than time. Tim loaned me his tape measure, but I think I need to get his help. I'm supposed to measure out 25 feet and then count how many steps I take within that distance in order to calculate my stride.

Usually, if I start feeling tired when I'm running, I just think to myself, Just keep going. Each step, when looked at by itself, is easy. So I just keep going one step at a time. Easy, easy, easy,... No problem.

Either that or I picture myself as a cyborg. Cyborgs don't get tired. Plus, they're cool.
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