David Ashleydale (randomlife) wrote,
David Ashleydale

Film Crews and Dead Fish

p r e v i o u s | r a n d o m l i f e | n e x t

25 Minute Run

Another good run, although my right quads started to tense up as I neared the end of the run. But I just ran through it and it was fine.

There was a large film crew at Spreckles Lake with several trailers and even a caterer. I couldn't tell what they were filming even though I walked right behind the set, among the crew. It may have been a car commercial—there was a new car right next to the lake with a blue screen behind it and people all around.

Why would someone want to film a car commercial at Spreckles Lake?

I saw a dead fish laying near the lake on my way home. Its eyes were gone, of course. Apparently, the eyes are a delicacy and they are usually the first things devoured upon death. Maybe that's why dead fish are always drawn with X's in place of their eyes.

I'm starting to see how it may be possible to run very long distances—after the initial couple of miles (which are pretty hard), you kind of get into a rhythm where you're warmed up and you can just continue. Of course, I have yet to try this for more than a couple of miles, but we'll see.

My pedometer told me I went a little further today . Something like 2.3 miles.
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