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Sprained Ankle

So my ankle was sprained for two or three weeks. It didn't hurt so much that I couldn't walk on it, but any more pressure than that and it would feel painful. It feels better now, but I haven't been anxious to test it in the park.

I always end up hurting myself when I run regularly. I must be doing something wrong. Or maybe running is just too hard on my body.

It probably wasn't the greatest idea to train for a marathon by reading a book. It was a good, thorough book, but I did have unanswered questions from time to time. If the authors had been standing in front of me, giving me tips, training with me, I probably wouldn't have hurt my ankle.

I think I'll try to join a running club or get private instruction. However, no marathon in October. Not only did I miss precious training time because of my injury, but I'll be missing more in September when I donate stem cells to a woman dying of leukemia. I won't be able to run for a week or more.

So I've kind of destroyed the theme of this journal, haven't I? I've always been interested in dreams, so I'll likely turn it into a dream journal. Or maybe I should write about the whole stem cell donation procedure.

We'll see...
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