David Ashleydale (randomlife) wrote,
David Ashleydale

More blood?

Last week I had to go in again to give more blood. It never ends, I tell ya.

Ms. Flemer called me at work and said apologetically, "I'm so sorry, but I accidentally ordered the wrong blood test for you last week. I sent in a blue tube and a green tube, but I should have sent a *red* tube and a green tube. So I just need one more little tube of blood from you. I'm really sorry, I hope that's okay."

I rolled my eyes silently to myself and went back for more sharp object poking. At least it was just one little tube.

At least they used my right arm this time.

I loaded up on orange juice, coffee and a muffin afterward, and headed in to work.

I still haven't heard anything about the welfare of the recipient. I wish they would just give me some indication of how she's doing.
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